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Which Country Will Outperform? Here’s a Better Way

Investment opportunities exist around the globe, but the randomness of stock returns in different countries makes it almost impossible to predict which country’s stock market will outperform others. How should you manage that kind of uncertainty? Approximately half of stocks … Continue reading

‘Everything Screams Inflation:’ Interpreting Headlines

KEY TAKEAWAYS After last year’s many surprising shocks, sharp rebounds in prices this year should be no surprise. Potential inflation is one among many factors to account for when setting a price at which to trade. Looking at headlines from … Continue reading

Are Investor Concerns About Inflation Inflated?

KEY TAKEAWAYS Recent academic-level research indicates that a globally diversified and structured investment strategy based on an array of assets classes would outpace long-term inflationary effects. The protection offered by inflation-indexed securities appears to be the most effective for fixed-income … Continue reading

The 1920s Florida Property Bubble

Whether it’s the tulip mania of the 1620s, the railway boom of the 1840s, the dot-com craze of the 1990s, or today’s cryptomania and astronomical prices for SPACs, financial bubbles have been around as long as markets existed. Before a … Continue reading

Should Investing Strategies Include Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and lesser-known cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage these days. Many wonder whether this electronic “money” represents a “paradigm shift” and should deserve a place in their planning strategy. While their prices have soared, that is the past. What … Continue reading

From the New Normal to the Next Normal

A year ago, at the end of March 2020, the S&P 500 was down nearly 20%1 and the world was going into lockdown. Many experts and economists wrote about where we would be in a year. I don’t remember anyone … Continue reading

Before Investing in Crypto Currencies, Read This

(Sample Advertisement) Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies (now numbering in the thousands) are the subject of much popular debate and media attention. Can something that exists only in cyberspace truly be equivalent to gold? Given bitcoin’s dramatic price changes, up and … Continue reading

Gauging Market Expectations?

A recent flurry of return spikes for a handful of U.S. stocks has captivated investors and non-investors alike. Wall Street news trending on social media even amid an NFL playoff season is indeed an unusual event. So, what should investors … Continue reading

Disappearing Dividends During the Year of COVID-19

Many investors view dividend payouts as a reliable source of income, and construct portfolios emphasizing stocks that pay above-average dividends. This strategy has become common among many conservative investors over the past decade as bank interest rates and returns on … Continue reading

Presidential Elections: What Do They Mean for Markets?

Investors and media habitually look for a connection between who wins the U.S. White House and whether stocks will go up or down. But predictions based on election outcomes are unlikely to result in consistently winning bets that provide excess … Continue reading