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For a wealth management approach to be successful, it must have integrity at its core. Without integrity, nothing works. Integrity is much more than a moral or ethical code: it is a state or condition of being sound, whole and complete.

For more than 30 years, Rochester-based Professional Financial Strategies has utilized an integrated wealth management process that leads clients through a journey to gain clarity of purpose, then to commitment in planning. While you naturally expect integrity from your advisors and the solutions they recommend, Professional Financial clients must also achieve integrity for themselves in order to achieve true financial success.

Redefining Investment Advice

The Value of an Advisor

– Paul Byron Hill, CFP® explains the value that a consultative process represents for families making informed decisions about wealth.

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– Paul Byron Hill, CFP® explains why integrity is the foundation of a sound financial planning process – from the professionals who manage the process, to the solutions they provide to the expectations they have for the clients they advise.

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