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Investing Based on Science, Not Forecasting

David Booth, Co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, explains how we navigate tough times by understanding what academic research teaches us about risk and return, volatility, globalization and staying the course in all financial climates.

How We Design Portfolios

Kenneth French explains the key objectives that shape Dimensional’s approach to portfolio design.


The 200th Draft

Eugene Fama describes his special working relationship with Dr. Kenneth R. French and their rigorous approach to research.


Getting the Right Answer, Not Defending the Wrong One

Eugene Fama and Kenneth French describe how the academic model has shaped Dimensional’s ideas, culture, and investment process.


The Holy Grail

Eugene Fama characterizes Dimensional’s view of risk and return and the robust nature of the research supporting the drivers of expected returns.


Empirical Work

Professor Fama describes the intellectual satisfaction of conducting empirical research.

Corporate Governance video screen

Corporate Governance

Kenneth French and Eugene Fama discuss the importance of corporate governance and how it impacts Dimensional’s investment process.