Wealth Management Consultative Process

A consultative process enables us to uncover your deepest needs, values and goals, to design a long-range wealth management strategy to meet those concerns effectively and to build a strong relationship with you that ensures that our advisory services will continue to add value over time as personal and world events change.

The consultative wealth management process unfolds over a series of meetings from the initial Discovery Meeting in which we explore your family’s current personal needs, circumstances and goals, through the Investment Planning Meeting in which we use information collected at the Discovery Meeting to present a thoughtful diagnostic analysis of the family’s present situation and an investing plan for achieving wealth preservation and specific goals.

At the Mutual Commitment Meeting, assuming questions and issues regarding plan implementation are addressed and any final planning adjustments are made. At the Organizational Meeting, the wealth advisor helps the client organize new custodial accounts and transfer paperwork, addresses unresolved transfer issues, makes miscellaneous corrections, and answers various administrative questions. At Regular Process Meetings, which are typically held two to four times per year, we reports to you about progress toward achieving your financial goals and review any significant changes in personal circumstances that might call for adjustments to investment planning or about advanced planning.