Integrity from Science

At Professional Financial, we are wholly committed to making informed decisions for wealth management based a new model of investing: the science of capital markets. Decades of research has led the way. Over 20 years ago we determined that industry leaders like Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) were able to deliver multifactor performance of capital markets and increase returns through state-of-the-art financial engineering that was beyond basic indexing. And their approach has stood the test of time despite an increasingly competitive marketplace. How so? If the science behind DFA’s Noble prize-winning strategies was even slightly wrong, skilled managers from all corners of the financial advisory world would have driven DFA—and very likely our firm—out of business long ago. But, they haven’t.

The reason is simple: markets work. There is always a positive expected return to providers of capital committed to a strategy with integrity based on science. Investing need not be a zero-sum game in which someone must lose so another can win. Clients who invest with integrity and who work with advisors committed to professional integrity may experience market returns like the “experts.” Integrity of the client, of the advisor and of the providers used in wealth management, we believe, is the most confident way of achieving what is truly important to you and giving peace of mind.