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Helping clients meet financial goals though better informed decisions, Paul Byron Hill CFP® and other thought leaders discuss the importance of integrity and empirical research to deliver reliable planning outcomes. This inspires confidence in clients and provides them with great peace of mind, even in uncertain economic and market climates.

During an Elite Advisor Program interview, Paul Byron Hill shares his personal story, how it led to his passion for wealth management and the types of clients that benefit most from his carefully refined process.

Paul Byron Hill explains the importance of independence, integrity and a comprehensive approach to wealth management. In this Reuters interview, Paul shares why the focus must be on a process, not a product, and why advisors must understand a client’s long term goals and how to get them there beyond simply managing their investments.


Integrity in Wealth Management

Paul Byron Hill, CFP® explains why integrity is the foundation of a sound financial planning process – from the professionals who manage the process, to the solutions they provide to the expectations they have for the clients they advise.


The Value of an Advisor

Paul Byron Hill, CFP® explains in an interview series by Dimensional Fund Advisors how a professional wealth management process can move families from worry, fear and confusion to peace of mind, financial freedom and making an impact.